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Family Lawyers Sunshine Coast

Our family law lawyers are dedicated to supporting you through this time and navigating you through the complexities of the family law system.  Our trustworthy and experienced team is passionate about keeping you out of the family law court (wherever possible), resolving family law matters quickly. We work to ensure financial entitlements are maximised, the wellbeing of any children are prioritised and stress is reduced for all family law issues.


Our Sunshine Coast family lawyers envision the possible issues that could arise in a family law case before we start the legal journey with a client. By predicting outcomes we can choose the best path to take for a family law matter to ensure the client’s best interests are our focus. 

Sunshine Coast Lawyers envisioning possible issues before they arise.



At Omnia Legal, we understand how taxing and stressful family law matters can be for everyone involved. When we provide family law advice or representation, we empathise with our clients and their struggles to make them feel as much support and care as possible. 

Sunshine Coast Lawyers empathise with family law matters


When we enact our family law services we focus on the important and always take a personalised approach. We are client focused, research driven, compassionate, and methodical in our process. We will always strive to reach objectives with the client’s goals in mind. 

Omnia legal enact a personalised, research based approach to family law matters

Trusted Family Lawyers Sunshine Coast

At Omnia Legal we understand that separation can be difficult. Our team understands the complexities and stress associated with the end of a marriage or de facto relationship, and we strive to help support families who are going through this transition.

Our Sunshine Coast family law firm provides strictly confidential advice and assistance to resolve all matters through a collaborative process. It’s important to seek legal help from a professional family lawyer from the very start so you can gain clarity on your rights and entitlements and ensure any important deadlines are met. 

Our family solicitors are upfront with the cost at the beginning of the legal process and at every decision point throughout, to ensure you feel both confident and comfortable with the exceptional service being delivered.


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Divorce & Domestic Violence 

Transaction. Disputes. Protection.

Divorce & Domestic Violence issues resolved by our Sunshine Coast lawyers.


Custody & Parenting Matters

Responsibility. Care.              WElfare.

Custody & Parenting Matters resolved by our Sunshine Coast Lawyers

Property Settlement Issues 

Contributions. Assets. Mediation.

Property Settlement Issues, ready to be legally managed by our Sunshine Coast lawyers.


Divorce Services

Our compassionate team of family solicitors at Omnia Legal are divorce law specialists, experienced in resolving conflict, and achieving desirable outcomes in line with the family law act.

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At Omnia Legal our family law divorce lawyers are ready and prepared to help you navigate the divorce process, to make what can be a tough transition, smoother. As some of the best divorce lawyers Sunshine Coast has to offer, you can rest assured we will support you every step of the way, from the divorce application to the court hearing, so you’re never navigating it alone. And our divorce solicitors will remove the complexities surrounding conditions that need to be met so you have clarity on what needs to be done moving forward.

We ensure you meet all obligations and time limitations so you feel confident when it comes to property settlement matters, binding financial agreements, and the care of any children involved. For an experienced divorce lawyer that understands the ins and outs of divorce proceedings, place your trust in Omnia Legal today.

Domestic Violence

Our law firm has family law solicitors on the Sunshine Coast who specialise in this area and have extensive experience with all types of domestic violence cases.

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If you are unsafe and need immediate assistance please call 000.
Local support services also exist through the Queensland Government website to help aid survivors of domestic violence.


However, if you are ready to take legal action against the domestic violence that you’ve endured, you can trust our services. Whether you’ve experienced physical, verbal, financial or emotional abuse, Omnia Legal is ready to support you. Our family and domestic violence lawyers understand reaching out for help is often the hardest part, so our empathetic and understanding team of family law lawyers is ready to do what they can to make you feel heard and protected. Our family solicitors put you in touch with the appropriate services and networks to ensure you understand what needs to be done if you want to leave, and consider the steps towards prosperity moving forward.
If you have been served a Domestic Violence Order and disagree with the claims, an experienced family law specialist can also work diligently with you to seek clarity on if you can dispute the order.

Parenting Matters

Our specialist family lawyers provide our clients with a wealth of information about parenting matters in an easy to understand way and have a high success rate for handling these situations in mediation.

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A family breakdown can be extremely difficult for children involved, so at Omnia Legal we consider the emotion and dynamics surrounding the legal parenting arrangements being made. With many members of our family law team being parents themselves, our family law solicitors are empathetic to the needs of children during what can be an extremely tough time.

Our family law specialists always work with the best interests of the children in mind, and aim to ensure they have a meaningful relationship with equal shared parental responsibility of both parents where appropriate, as well as relationships with other significant extended family members such as grandparents.

However, while it’s important parents should share the load when it comes to responsibilities and decisions concerning the care, welfare and development of their children, this doesn't always mean that child custody has to split equally down the middle.

Omnia Legal will work with you to get the best possible legal parenting arrangements set when it comes to the future of your children, their living standards and the child support you receive. Everything our family lawyers do can be documented to be legally binding to give you confidence moving forward. 

Property Settlement

When you and your former partner no longer live in the same house, our expert family and property law team on the Sunshine Coast ensure you get the best outcome possible for your property settlement issues.

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The property settlement legal process is where an arrangement is made between you and your former partner to divide assets, liabilities and financial resources. At Omnia Legal our family and property lawyers are committed to ensuring our clients understand the whole process, and feel educated to make informed decisions.

Our family law team understands that going through the court system can be emotionally taxing, lengthy and costly. At Omnia Legal we do whatever we can to avoid going to court, and work hard to simplify complex property matters.

In the first instance our family solicitors will always attempt to assist you to come to an agreement with your spouse without legal intervention. If this is not successful we will propose family mediation on the Sunshine Coast. A majority of our property settlement clients do not go to court, but if we do have to, our family court lawyers are willing and ready. 


When determining matters in relation to property settlements, the family law courts will use a four stage process:

1. Identify and value the asset pool

2. Assess contributions from each party

3. Look at other factors that need to be considered (eg. your age, your children, your income)

4. Is the overall division appropriate?


There is a common myth that property will be divided 50/50, when in reality every relationship is different. There is no precise science to reaching a decision, the Court needs to be satisfied the division is ultimately ‘just and equitable’. This is why, during a family law dispute, few people reach trial, and we are often able to come to a mutual property settlement agreement with both parties. For independant legal advice that is high quality and personalised for your circumstances, speak with a family law attorney from Omnia Legal. 

Our Specialities

Trust Omnia Legal for commercial law, business law, and family law on the Sunshine Coast. Our specialisation in these areas allows us to support our clients throughout all of their life stages. If you want an expert who will truly listen to you and work to understand your goals and motivations, choose Omnia Legal for your legal matters. We have a team that you can trust.

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