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Business Law

Starting or purchasing a new business is a major achievement, and here at the Omnia Legal law firm, we recognise there are many things to consider and a lot of paperwork that comes with this. Our business lawyers on the Sunshine Coast take the time to get to know you, your business and your goals to provide advice specific to your needs.

Our lawyers for business matters can help you better understand what is in your contracts, and ensure everything is mutually beneficial and have you prepared for any potential disputes in the future. Omnia Legal has assisted both small and large business owners on various stages of their business growth, and our business solicitors are experienced in providing as much guidance as needed to ensure you understand your options and requirements.

With decades of experience, Omnia Legal can also provide asset protection advice when it comes to accountants and financials. Our local lawyers on the Sunshine Coast know the ins-and-outs of what you need, to ensure you are protected for the unexpected.

If you are selling a business, our  can also help you understand what’s required from a legal perspective and help draft up and negotiate contracts.

Whether you need large or small business legal advice, and no matter what stage of business you are at, our large and small business solicitor team are here to assist you through the whole journey.

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